Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

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Small penis humiliation phone sex is one of the most popular calls out there. I’ve made eleven men cry due to making fun of their small penises. They have such small and useless cocks it’s not really enough to fuck a woman with and rejection and humiliation is what they are the most comfortable with after being rejected by most women their entire lives. They want to be told what utter and complete failures they are in the bedroom. Many of them also suffer from premature ejaculation, it usually goes hand in hand with a small dick. They are inadequate in every possible way they could be sexually.

Small penis humiliation phone sex callers often will try and talk up how good they are at licking pussy, or how much money they make, things they think would keep a woman regardless of the size of their under developed cock. Well, those things might enable them to maintain a cuckold relationship, they might be able to have a woman in their lives if they were willing to accept she’d be seeking satisfaction from another man. Many just masturbate by rubbing their cocks like a tiny clit, there isn’t enough to grip in their hand and pump in a manly masturbatory way, they rub it like a girl would.

There’s no shortage of small penis humiliation callers, they are embarrassed by their shortcomings and some have even been turned down and laughed at by escorts, even they wouldn’t fuck them for money, so how can they expect some woman to take them on for a monogamous relationship? Several have said their wives were virgins when they married them and they had nothing to compare them to, so their wives didn’t know any different, never watched porn, you wonder what rock these wives were living under. Some I suggest turn towards other men to keep them happy, since their cock size wouldn’t matter if they were sucking off other guys or letting other guys fuck them.

Cuckold Phone Sex And You

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You likely have a small cock, don’t you? Cuckold phone sex just might be for you. You know it’s utterly useless for getting a woman off, masturbation is your best bet for an orgasm. You should consider becoming a cuckold. You could still watch your woman fuck, but she’d be fucking other guys, ones with bigger cocks that could actually make her cum. That nub that you’ve got going on is pretty useless, and many women have come right out and told you so, haven’t they, of course they have. You seriously don’t think some three inch dick is going to do anything for any woman, do you?

You like to think of a well hung man fucking your lady and making her scream with pleasure, you’ve never known what that is like, you’re women have laughed, not screamed. They’ve told their girlfriends and maybe even taken a pic and sent them as you were snoozing beside them and they peeled back the covers and snapped a quick pic to show their friends that yes, it’s actually true. You really are a tiny dicked loser and they know their friends can’t believe it when they said you were so small. So there’s the pics. Then one day she tells you she’s been seeing another man, and his name is Tyrone and he has a ten inch cock and well, he’s been fucking her and filling her up like no one ever has.

You think maybe you might be allowed to watch, might be allowed to fluff, might be allowed to be clean up boy. Relax, little one, you can do all that and much, much more! Think of the cum dripping from her used pussy that’s been filled up with virile seed. Your wee wee is so fucking small, you probably have defective DNA and couldn’t even breed if you tried. She will have a line of real men to satisfy her, don’t worry, you will be getting lots and lots of cream pie very soon! Call for some cuckold phone sex soon and we will see just how pitiful we can make you feel.

Are You A Cuckold?

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I can’t even count the number of guys that call up for some cuckold phone sex. They are rubbing their usually small little dicks while telling me about their wives being out with another man on a date. Usually a much better hung man than they are. One with a real man sized cock that’s just aching to shoot its load into her deprived pussy. And why is her pussy deprived you ask? Well when your hubby only has a two inch cock, how could you be anything else but deprived?

They usually are premature ejaculators as well. So they are used to cumming in one to two minutes or less even. I had one of these losers on the phone the other night and he said usually in under ten seconds. I couldn’t believe such a loser was actually admitting his shortcomings. He just gets so over excited as soon as he puts it inside the woman, bam, he blows his load. Gee, how satisfying for the woman. I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior for anything. No wonder his wife is out screwing other men, I would have left him from the get go, but I sure understand why she’s stepping out on him. She sounds like a masochist to even stay with such a pitiful bastard. I hope for her sake he at least makes a decent living so she can spend his money on nice clothes for her dates with other guys.

He knows she steps out on him and he’s even cleaned up her pussy when she comes back home with another man’s cum dripping out of her. He said last weekend for the first time she took him to a glory hole and told him to suck cock. He was very reluctant, but she told him to do it, so he did. He said he can’t stop thinking about it and he’s made plans to go back and suck more. It’s the beginning of his cuckold training. I think he’ll be a quick study.