Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

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What is GFE phone sex? That stands for girlfriend experience. As in, a girlfriend like phone sex call where you have a more intimate type of conversation and it can even get lovey dovey and maybe impregnation types of calls, or some guys like to say “I love you,” and have you say it back to them. Not all girls are comfortable with those types of intimate calls, so you need to check before with the operator of your choice if they are ok with that if that is your type of call you are seeking.

Personally they are one of my favorite types of phone sex calls and I don’t mind at all saying I love you if a caller requests it. Some like to chat about their day and let us know the sorts of things they’d tell a real girlfriend, to some we are their virtual girlfriends. Many guys are married of course, but wifey closed up shop long ago and we are the only female affection that they have in their lives. You can get to feel very intimate with these types of callers. Some men think there’s a possibility of even meeting the operator that does these types of calls, others understand it’s just a fantasy that ends when the call does.

These types of callers are looking for a more personalized treatment during their phone sex calls and don’t just want some generic blow job description, they are seeking a true connection, and it’s true, we sometimes have clients for many years that we do indeed fee a closeness and trust with, how much of that occurs is of course up to the individual operator conducting the call. There are indeed some lonely men out there just seeking a comforting female voice to speak soothingly to them, and that’s what we are here for, so let us provide the girlfriend experience phone sex you crave tonight for the orgasm of your life!

Cock And Ball Torture Phone Sex

CBT, cock and ball torture, pain, suffering

Most people wouldn’t be wanting to inflict pain on their most sensitive parts, but cock and ball torture phone sex callers are looking to do just that. They want to be in pain to cum. I find it highly amusing and have encouraged them to use everything from Tobasco sauce to icy hot muscle gel down their cocks, usually applied with Q Tips dipped in the substance and inserted down their cocks. Mascara wands also work quite well. One client told me for three days it burned when he went pee after inserting an icy hot muscle gel coated Q Tip down his penis and twirling it around. I laughed at the insanity of him doing it.

Others like to hit themselves, usually with a shoe or a water soaked wooden spoon, smacking themselves time after time, like they are playing the bongo drums on their cock and balls. Dripping melting candle wax is also a good way to inflict some much needed pain. Some have called up while wearing male chastity devices and they had spikes on the inside, so as they got harder and more aroused, the spikes would dig into their cocks and shred them up. Regardless of the pain, they soldier on with the spikes digging into them.

One I used to talk to would wrap up to a dozen rubber bands around his cock until he made himself purple and ejaculated blood. He claimed his forays into cock and ball torture phone sex had rendered him infertile, which likely was for the best. He shouldn’t pass on that lunacy to anyone else, so it’s best he couldn’t reproduce. Some will hit themselves so hard you can clearly hear it over the other end of the phone as they repeatedly whack their cock and balls with their shoe or boots, howling in their self inflicted pain they have brought onto themselves.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

cheating wife, cheating

Cheating wives are naughty little minxes with high sex drives that simply cannot get enough from hubby. Lots of you like to imagine yours is a cheating wife, don’t you…As soon as your car pulls away for the office, she’s texting her lover, your neighbor, to come over and fuck her brains out. She thinks she and he have got the wool pulled over your eyes but good, and they likely do. You go on about your day, earning a living and being a fairly decent husband, but back at home, she’s barely getting them out the back door as you pull in. Did you notice the last time you went down on her pussy she tasted a little…off? You know why, don’t you? Of course you do, it’s because she was still dripping with the cum of another man, and it wasn’t yours.

Cheating wife phone sex can be good and entertaining, did she get pregnant recently? Are you sure it’s really your child she’s carrying? Does she really even know who’s it is? There’s a good chance not, and won’t you be made the fool of if you have to raise some baby and pay for it and it isn’t even yours. That’s what cheating wives do, they run around and fool their husbands into thinking all the kids are really his, and playing around at every chance they get and it’s all good fun for them and the men they are fucking around with behind your back.

You’ve had a cheating wife or likely are wondering if yours already is behind your back and you’re just not quite sure yet, you wouldn’t be calling for cheating wife phone sex unless you had your suspicions, we know that. Maybe your cock is a little small, or maybe you’ve been having erectile dysfunction issues and that’s why she’s had to look elsewhere. No matter the cause, she’s doing it behind your back, you poor, clueless bastard, get with the program and give us a call today and we can talk all about your unfaithful wife and what she’s getting up to behind your back.

Lesbian Phone Sex

lesbian, girl on girl, same sex, bi sexual

Are some women even looking for lesbian phone sex? Yes, they are. They don’t call as often as men, but they do indeed call and we hear from them once in a while. Many had a same sex experience once a long time ago and haven’t ever been able to stop thinking about it. Others have fantasized about it for decades, but the opportunity either never presented itself in the first place or they were too worried about someone finding out about it, so they never acted on it. They might read lesbian erotica or watch lesbian porn as they masturbate and want that same sex experience.

Not all operators are comfortable with lady callers, but some of us welcome them and encourage them to explore their fantasies in a safe way. Lesbian phone sex can take many forms, I’ve had a lady that was black and she called for racial humiliation, some are into spanking fetish and wanted to have me punish them, call them names and spank them hard for being such bad girls. Some like the idea of being submissive and getting spanked hard as they masturbate.

One caller that calls a few times a year, her husband knows she’s attracted to other women, and they watch lesbian porn together and they talk about bringing another woman into their bed, but she’s simply too worried someone in her real life would find out, so she limits her lesbian explorations to over the phone talks about what it would be like if I was making love to her, licking her pussy and having her lick mine, and maybe if we were scissoring each other’s cunts and rubbing our wet pussies together and the wetness of our cunts smacking against each other as we masturbated. If you’re a lady seeking a same sex lesbian phone sexcall, then I’m sure one of the ladies here will be able to help you achieve a wonderful orgasm.

Celebrity Roleplay Phone Sex

roleplay, fantasy, celebrity roleplay, singers, actresses

Celebrities play a big role in many callers phone sex roleplay fantasies. It’s often amusing how an obscure celebrity, often from some movie decades ago will capture them in some way. A particular movie scene that they cannot stop thinking about, that they return to again and again for their go to masturbation scene. Watching it over and over. I’ve heard about guys naming their Fleshlight toys after celebrities, to watching scenes from all kinds of movies you wouldn’t even find arousing, but there’s something about them that strikes the guy. One had a scene from “Ghostbusters” if you can believe it he was quite obsessed with. Another was very obsessed with a movie made before he was even born and the actress in it.

Popular singers, actresses, even pretty newscaster ladies, are playing a very big part in many guys sexual fantasies. Do you enjoy celebrity roleplay phone sex ? Do you get harder than hard while watching them in their music videos or watching their movies? Imagining you pounding their pussies and giving them every drop of your cum. Roleplay is a big part of many guys sexuality, even when they are fucking their wives or girlfriends, they might be imagining it’s a celebrity they are fucking. Not many are as good looking as celebrities, so its kind of understandable. There are even some escort services that have celebrity look-alikes in their employ, since the average guy isn’t really going to be able to bed a genuine celebrity.

Not all guys looking for roleplay phone sex are seeking pop singers or movie stars in their fantasies, but many are, some have an amazing array of celebrities in their fantasies, I can think of several callers that like to talk about lots of different ones and it adds a lot to their masturbation and fantasies. One thing I’ve learned is no matter how obscure the celebrity, someone out there is lusting after them.