Phone Sex With A MILF

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I’m one sexy MILF, and I can’t get enough young cock! I’d had phone sex many times in my life, usually with guys my own age, but I know age doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual compatibility. I have a teenage son, and some of his friends are fucking hot. He’s just started college and thank goodness chose to go to a community college so I can still see his friends that come around often. My son had just stepped out for a few hours to go help a friend of his with some car repair thing, when another one of his friends called and was looking for him. He’d forgotten his phone I guess, so his friend was calling the house phone to see if he was there.

This was my favorite one of all of his friends that was on the phone and I think he knew I liked him a bit anyway. He’d flirted with me before. He asked me what I was doing and I said just reorganizing the closet in my bedroom. He told me to go sit down on the bed. I knew it was a bit inappropriate, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing as he told me. I sat down. He told me to take off my clothes, which I did. Then I was told to lay back and open my pussy lips. I couldn’t believe I was going to have phone sex with my son’s friend in the middle of the day like this. I didn’t say no to one thing he asked of me. I was so turned on as this eighteen year old boy was telling me how to touch my pussy and how fast and how slow to rub it.

I could hear him masturbating too, he was just as turned on as I was. I could hear him rubbing his cock and stroking it hard. I was nearly at the brink of my orgasm when he told me to stop. I calmed down and was then instructed to rub it fast and hard and cum when he told me to. I came harder than I’d cum in years with this hot, sexy, teenaged boy on the phone. I certainly won’t let my son know about this, but I want to play with that young boy again, I can see this moving beyond phone sex with him.

Keeping Together While Away On Business

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This new boyfriend of mine, he’s really sexy and we like to fuck a lot. Sadly around a month in to our relationship, he had to go away for three weeks on a business trip and I was not looking forward to being not fucked for this length of time, and he suggested we make do with having phone sex every night until he got back, I thought this was a fantastic idea and we then started comparing our experiences with phone sex in the past and how many people we’d done it with, how we found them etc.

One of the stories he told me was how when he was in college he’d called a phone sex line a few times and had some pretty hot times with a few of the ladies on there and how he wished he’d have been able to call nightly since it turned him on so being able to masturbate for these women and have them listen to him cum and stroke his cock for them. He called the first night he was there and we’d both had a couple of drinks and were feeling horny and started touching ourselves and I was rubbing my clit and getting so fucking wet as I listened to him masturbating. I told him how badly I wanted to suck his cock and play with his balls as he licked my saved cunt and we did a nice 69 together. I loved how he sucked on my clit and slid his tongue into my pussy, he was an expert at it.

I came so many times that night as he talked me through my orgasms and said he was as hard as a rock for me. I knew when he got home I was going to fuck his brains out like he hadn’t been fucked in a long time. We continued on like this nightly, having wonderful phone sex and getting off several times each and even watching each other on cam a few times to really spice things up. It’s really helped make the time apart much more acceptable knowing we could still cum together nightly.

Phone Sex & Dating

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This new boyfriend of mine, well I don’t usually fuck on a first date, but I’m not totally against any fooling around, so I decided I’d go as far as a tit wank with this guy. We’d met on an online dating site and chatted for a few days and one night he even called me up and I was so fucking horny when he called, I asked if he’d like to try phone sex. I likely shouldn’t have said that considering we hadn’t met yet and were going on our first date a few days later, but I frankly wanted to cum and I thought phone sex I can have right now.

He of course jumped right on board and said he hadn’t had phone sex in ages, and he whipped his cock right out and started stroking himself. I could hear his wet cock in the background as I was fingering my pussy. I’d shaved a few hours before in the shower and was plenty wet when I got in bed and had him on the phone. Masturbating is always so much better with another person, I’d been into phone sex for many years, and I loved his voice and the way he sounded and we both came really hard. He said he was glad I’d even mentioned the idea of phone sex since he was horny, too.

So our date night arrived and I could see the bulge in his pants most of the night. I said I wasn’t ready to fuck yet, but I’d love it if he put that big dick between my tits and gave me a titty fuck. I sure didn’t need to ask him twice! He took out that cock and I leaned forward and grabbed my own tits and started working them up and down his dripping shaft. I said I’d loved hearing him stroke his cock the other night when we had phone sex and how wet it had made me. He blew that load all over my tits and asked if I’d mind if he’d lick it off. I said it was fine, and he licked his cum off them and then sucked on my nipples. It was fucking hot. After he dropped me off, he called an hour later, horny again and we had phone sex again and I came 4 times. I’m a horny bitch for sure!

Phone Sex For The Physically Challenged

Now not everyone having phone sex is an untouchable or disabled or has no experience with the opposite sex, but some are without a doubt. Many disabled people obviously have full and fairly normal lives. Some however if their disability is extreme or if they are also shy have many social issues they may not have overcome. I can tell you I’ve had many handicapped callers over the years to varying degrees. Some in wheelchairs where phone sex with women was their only sexual contact with women they have ever had.

Some too shy to even think of going to an escort. There are escorts even that specialize in handicapped clients. Some are just too afraid, and many although well into their adulthood, one even in his 60’s I can think of, that was so afraid his family might find out. Very, very sad. So masturbation and phone sex was it for him sex wise. So we truly are providing an important outlet for people that otherwise would have no sexual contact for themselves at all other than their own hand.

Some may not be disabled physically, but emotionally. Some have such awkwardness around women, they have just never been able to do anything with people of the opposite sex, yet the anonymity of the phone sex world allows them to be more confidant since they are not face to face, that intimidation factor is removed, they can be more the person they wish they could among others but don’t have the nerve to be. Some may just be ugly and not have the money for an escort, so this is their best and only option. We are a helping hand for the many people out there, the ones that can’t get a woman, or that are in sexless marriages, there’s tons of those out there, so they seek warmth from us.

Degrading Racial Humiliation Phone Sex

Some callers to phone sex lines are looking for racial humiliation. It’s a bit confusing as to why someone would call up to be called names and made fun of, but lots of guys call up for small penis humiliation as well, and that’s plenty popular, and a guy can no more change his dick size than his race, so obviously some really like to talk about being second class and second choice.

It’s not always blacks that call up for this topic as you might think, there’s actually a good cross section of other races that call into phone sex lines to be humiliated, from Asians, to Indians, to Hispanics, to self hating Jews. Once in a while you even get a Caucasian that calls in and just wants to talk about how much they hate other races, it’s an odd mixed bag you get. Other times blacks will call in just to talk about how much they want to fuck a racist white bitch just to give it to her and show her that big, black cock that she’s been missing and make her change her tune.

It’s not for everyone certainly, but it is a popular fetish among some that call into phone sex lines and like to have an unusual conversation as they are masturbating. Lots of men crave humiliation, and ones that call come from all kinds of different socio economic backgrounds, not just some weird, low class pervert that likes it, all kinds, from doctors to lawyers, to professional athletes that make a lot of money and have a lot fans that would no doubt be shocked the sports hero they look up to is into something like this. It takes all kinds of things to get different people off. Racial humiliation is just one of them.