Degrading Racial Humiliation Phone Sex

Some callers to phone sex lines are looking for racial humiliation. It’s a bit confusing as to why someone would call up to be called names and made fun of, but lots of guys call up for small penis humiliation as well, and that’s plenty popular, and a guy can no more change his dick size than his race, so obviously some really like to talk about being second class and second choice.

It’s not always blacks that call up for this topic as you might think, there’s actually a good cross section of other races that call into phone sex lines to be humiliated, from Asians, to Indians, to Hispanics, to self hating Jews. Once in a while you even get a Caucasian that calls in and just wants to talk about how much they hate other races, it’s an odd mixed bag you get. Other times blacks will call in just to talk about how much they want to fuck a racist white bitch just to give it to her and show her that big, black cock that she’s been missing and make her change her tune.

It’s not for everyone certainly, but it is a popular fetish among some that call into phone sex lines and like to have an unusual conversation as they are masturbating. Lots of men crave humiliation, and ones that call come from all kinds of different socio economic backgrounds, not just some weird, low class pervert that likes it, all kinds, from doctors to lawyers, to professional athletes that make a lot of money and have a lot fans that would no doubt be shocked the sports hero they look up to is into something like this. It takes all kinds of things to get different people off. Racial humiliation is just one of them.

Racial Humiliation Phone Sex

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What is racial humiliation? It’s something non whites at times like to indulge in during their phone sex calls. Most callers are black and enjoy being called racial slurs, like nigger, spook, coon, lawn jockey, jungle bunny. Many have Civil War fantasies where they are being sold on the auction block like property and have a dominant Mistress that will think nothing of sicking the overseer on them to whip them raw if they dare to get uppity and out of line.

Sometimes you get Mexicans or ones from India that like you to call them spic, wetback, Paki, make fun of them for being lazy and eating their beans and curry. Asians can also call to be made fun of for their usually small cocks and flat faces. A few times whites have called just to talk about how much they dislike, ok hate, minority races. Once in a while you get a self hating Jew that wants to be told they deserved to go to the ovens and be killed because they are a cheap, dirty kike.

They are fun calls for some operators, I like them and find them fun and I have no problem calling you names whatsoever. Humiliation in general I find fun, it’s not difficult to criticize people for their shortcomings, especially for issues they can’t fix, like small penis humiliation or racial humiliation. So if being made fun of is your thing, being degraded, laughed at and being called names gets you hard as a rock, maybe some racial humiliation phone sex is for you. Some black guys have called up and said they had white girlfriends that had spit in their face as they were fucking and they found it all a hot time and wanted to relive it. Some go specifically for white girlfriends that will talk down to them in this manner and make them feel like lesser beings.