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I’m one sexy MILF, and I can’t get enough young cock! I’d had phone sex many times in my life, usually with guys my own age, but I know age doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual compatibility. I have a teenage son, and some of his friends are fucking hot. He’s just started college and thank goodness chose to go to a community college so I can still see his friends that come around often. My son had just stepped out for a few hours to go help a friend of his with some car repair thing, when another one of his friends called and was looking for him. He’d forgotten his phone I guess, so his friend was calling the house phone to see if he was there.

This was my favorite one of all of his friends that was on the phone and I think he knew I liked him a bit anyway. He’d flirted with me before. He asked me what I was doing and I said just reorganizing the closet in my bedroom. He told me to go sit down on the bed. I knew it was a bit inappropriate, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing as he told me. I sat down. He told me to take off my clothes, which I did. Then I was told to lay back and open my pussy lips. I couldn’t believe I was going to have phone sex with my son’s friend in the middle of the day like this. I didn’t say no to one thing he asked of me. I was so turned on as this eighteen year old boy was telling me how to touch my pussy and how fast and how slow to rub it.

I could hear him masturbating too, he was just as turned on as I was. I could hear him rubbing his cock and stroking it hard. I was nearly at the brink of my orgasm when he told me to stop. I calmed down and was then instructed to rub it fast and hard and cum when he told me to. I came harder than I’d cum in years with this hot, sexy, teenaged boy on the phone. I certainly won’t let my son know about this, but I want to play with that young boy again, I can see this moving beyond phone sex with him.

Cougar Cub Phone Sex

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Cougar cub phone sex is very hot indeed. Personally I adore younger men and find them sexy as fuck, give me a hot eighteen year old any day of the week. I’m a cougar and have been lucky enough to be involved with a few different young men over the years. The latest is the boy next door, he and his parents moved in a few months ago and my bedroom looks right across to his and I’ve watched him jerking off several times with my lights out. I saw the light of his computer and got my binoculars out and saw him watching porn and stroking his young cock.

I invited him over under the pretense of doing some work for me and once I got that sexy, fit young cub in here I soon was showing him all I had to offer. My cleavage, my pussy when I bent over and oops, had forgotten to put my panties on. He soon got the idea and came over and kissed me and I grabbed his cock and soon had it down my throat and then was riding him hard in my bed. His nearly eight inch cock buried in my shaved cougar pussy.

I wanted him bare inside of me and that’s what got and he stretched me open and soon blew his load in my cunt. I have been coming up with all sorts of reasons for him to come over so we can fuck and his parents not suspect anything. Being a cougar is lots of fun, the young men know I’m still hot to fuck and I have a hell of a sexual appetite. Some young men call me up for cougar cub phone sex and want to hear all about my sexual adventures with the local boys, and I’m only too happy to tell you about what all I get up to with the neighborhood boys.

MILF Phone Sex

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Lots of guys are hot for MILF’s. The horny lady that’s just too filled with sexual desire for only her husband to handle. She might be looking at her college age son’s friends and wondering how she’d be able to get a piece of that young cock. Maybe you recall growing up and the mom of one of your friends was always a bit too friendly, maybe forgetting to wear a bra when you came over, brushing up against you a little bit too often for it to be an accident. Then MILF phone sex is for you!

One guy I knew said when he was in his late teens he and his friends would always hang out at a friends house that had a pool, and the mom was always letting her towel slip, wearing skimpy bikinis and pretending they hadn’t told her they were coming over and be lounging around when they all showed up. She knew what she was doing and they loved it, it drove them crazy, but they were too shy to make any moves on the mom of their friend, but they fantasized about it and I’m betting she knew that as well.

So many that are seeking MILF phone sex have had longstanding fantasies about their teachers or neighbors or friends of their mom that were around the house when they were growing up, they have the real hots for older, more mature ladies and all the experience they have to offer a young man. Personally I adore college age young men and find them the hottest of the hot. They may not have the experience, but they are eager to learn and please and are as cute as can be at that age with their firm bodies and sweet voices. So if a MILF is what you are dreaming of, give one of our sexy lades a call and see what we can do for you!

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You’ve been dreaming of some mommy phone sex , haven’t you? Think of mommy walking in on you jerking off, maybe she thought you weren’t home yet and she went in your room to put your laundry away and oh my goodness, she sees you watching MILF porn on the computer with your dick in your hand! My, how her little boy has grown since last she saw you in the altogether. Stroking your young cock and not even noticing her you’re so engrossed in your MILF masturbation. Then she gasps and you turn around and see her staring at that throbbing, teenage cock in your hand.

You look embarrassed, but her look encourages you on to continue, so you do, and she sits down on the bed and watches as you pump it. Would you like mommy to help? She walks over to your chair and reaches down and starts to caress your cock, gently and tenderly, but she can tell from your groaning you’d like a firmer touch, so she grips more firmly on her son’s cock and starts to pump it harder. Would you like mommy to lick your cock, I know you would. The drips of precum on your cock need to be licked off and she leans down and licks it and you lean back and close your eyes and just let her start to suck on your young dick and it feels oh so good to let her tease that cock.

She takes your balls in her mouth and starts to suckle on them and strokes your cock up and down and you soon get up and pull her onto the bed and take her clothes off, you can see mommy’s pussy and you want to fuck it oh so badly and she opens her legs and beckons you in and you can’t believe you’re finally fucking mommy right there in your own bed. She wraps her legs around her son’s hard body and pulls him deeper into her cunt and fucks him hard, soon taking in every drop of his young seed. If you’re seeking someĀ mommy phone sex , call Raunchy Call today!