Naughty Neighbor Shows Off Masturbating

This man across the street, I’m beginning to think he’s an exhibitionist. He seems to always be walking in front of his windows naked and spending lots of time in front of them when I happen to be glancing out the windows. I don’t know if he’s trying to show off to me in particular, or just anyone that happens to glance in or what. I have even seen him masturbating in front of them sitting in a chair in his living room. I am certain this is no accident.

I saw him leisurely laying back on his couch in front of an open picture window, curtains totally opened up and he was on the phone rubbing one out. I’m convinced he was having phone sex with whoever was on the other end of the phone. His floor is at street level, anyone could have walked by on the sidewalk and glanced in. I was across the street and saw. I had binoculars and I looked at him and could see even more close up. I think he knew I was watching, but he didn’t glance up and over at me or anything. I had my blinds drawn and was just poking the ends of the binoculars through and watched him jerk off. He’s not a bad looking guy, truth be told.

The next day I was out in the front yard and he came over to say hello as he’d been mowing his lawn. He asked if I’d seen anything interesting lately and I blushed as he said it and it was in that moment I had a feeling he was letting me know he’d been aware of me watching him masturbating as he was having phone sex. I made some comment about drawing your curtains and walked back inside as he laughed and walked back across the street.