Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

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What is GFE phone sex? That stands for girlfriend experience. As in, a girlfriend like phone sex call where you have a more intimate type of conversation and it can even get lovey dovey and maybe impregnation types of calls, or some guys like to say “I love you,” and have you say it back to them. Not all girls are comfortable with those types of intimate calls, so you need to check before with the operator of your choice if they are ok with that if that is your type of call you are seeking.

Personally they are one of my favorite types of phone sex calls and I don’t mind at all saying I love you if a caller requests it. Some like to chat about their day and let us know the sorts of things they’d tell a real girlfriend, to some we are their virtual girlfriends. Many guys are married of course, but wifey closed up shop long ago and we are the only female affection that they have in their lives. You can get to feel very intimate with these types of callers. Some men think there’s a possibility of even meeting the operator that does these types of calls, others understand it’s just a fantasy that ends when the call does.

These types of callers are looking for a more personalized treatment during their phone sex calls and don’t just want some generic blow job description, they are seeking a true connection, and it’s true, we sometimes have clients for many years that we do indeed fee a closeness and trust with, how much of that occurs is of course up to the individual operator conducting the call. There are indeed some lonely men out there just seeking a comforting female voice to speak soothingly to them, and that’s what we are here for, so let us provide theĀ girlfriend experience phone sex you crave tonight for the orgasm of your life!

Let Me Be Your Online Girlfriend

Girlfriend experience phone sex is likely my favorite type of call for a guy to call up for. Not all guys are into it, but some enjoy it and it can be very nice. One caller didn’t even really like to get into graphic sex, he just enjoyed talking and used to spin these wonderful fantasies about how he was in love with me and wanted to take me on these European vacations and show me the world.

He was quite invested in the fantasy and would swear he was in love with me and wanted to make it a reality, marry me and sweep me off my feet and take care of me forever and make sweet love to me every day and me be his queen. He’d talk about all the different countries we’d go to, Egypt, France, all over and I’d be his lady love that he’d protect. It’s amazing how wrapped up in the details a man could get over some things you’d think would be more of a woman’s domain, yet he had lots of ideas about how things would go between us. From me being the stay at home wife that tended to his needs, to him being the loving husband for me.

He worked from home as an architect and would have a lot of free time to spend lavishing affection upon me at all hours. Girlfriend experience type callers can have a deep loneliness inside of them they need to fulfill and an online girlfriend can help them, even if only for the length of the call feel needed, loved, desired and appreciated and that’s an important thing to feel. Many people don’t feel needed by anyone, as if no one would miss them if they disappeared tomorrow, so to be the center of your world can mean a great deal to some of these girlfriend experience phone sex callers.

Impregnation Phone Sex

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Guys that love risky, bareback intimate calls are often seeking impregnation phone sex, and that is one of my favorite fetishes to do calls about. You cannot get any closer than carrying part of your lover inside of you for the better part of a year, and the risk of having sex when you are in your dangerous, most fertile time of the month is the ultimate Russian roulette moment, will I or won’t I get pregnant this month. It’s a very hot subject for many that are into the girlfriend experience type of phone sex calls.

When a caller mentions or asks if I have ever been pregnant, I know immediately what sort of a call they are looking for and many different types of calls can be involving impregnation of one type or another. Sometimes cuckold calls do, where the guy knows his woman is fucking another man, will she get knocked up with the other man’s baby? That’s part of the risk. Some callers that like to exchange I love you’s, can also be into this type of call and it can be very sensual and romantic when those things are discussed.

Most people do not enjoy using protection, it feels better bareback of course, but there is a risk in doing that, and that risk can heighten the moment and make it a lot more intense than if you were using protection. Some men also love when a woman is in the bloom of pregnancy and how her breasts become bigger and nipples larger and darker and her vaginal secretions becoming more pungent. Pregnancy fetish and impregnationwill always have their fans. The seed flowing into their woman and implanting in her fertile body is such a turn on for many guys. It’s very intimate phone sex for sure.