Lesbian Phone Sex

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Are some women even looking for lesbian phone sex? Yes, they are. They don’t call as often as men, but they do indeed call and we hear from them once in a while. Many had a same sex experience once a long time ago and haven’t ever been able to stop thinking about it. Others have fantasized about it for decades, but the opportunity either never presented itself in the first place or they were too worried about someone finding out about it, so they never acted on it. They might read lesbian erotica or watch lesbian porn as they masturbate and want that same sex experience.

Not all operators are comfortable with lady callers, but some of us welcome them and encourage them to explore their fantasies in a safe way. Lesbian phone sex can take many forms, I’ve had a lady that was black and she called for racial humiliation, some are into spanking fetish and wanted to have me punish them, call them names and spank them hard for being such bad girls. Some like the idea of being submissive and getting spanked hard as they masturbate.

One caller that calls a few times a year, her husband knows she’s attracted to other women, and they watch lesbian porn together and they talk about bringing another woman into their bed, but she’s simply too worried someone in her real life would find out, so she limits her lesbian explorations to over the phone talks about what it would be like if I was making love to her, licking her pussy and having her lick mine, and maybe if we were scissoring each other’s cunts and rubbing our wet pussies together and the wetness of our cunts smacking against each other as we masturbated. If you’re a lady seeking a same sex lesbian phone sexcall, then I’m sure one of the ladies here will be able to help you achieve a wonderful orgasm.

Another Woman Knows Best

Let me tell you about the first time I ever licked another girls pussy. I can’t say it was one of my prouder moments, but you know what, stuff happens. I was at this party right after I started college and to be honest, I was horny, hadn’t gotten laid in months and this girl that was also horny came onto me. She and I were on this sofa in this empty room, most of the guests had either left or passed out or wandered off to the bedrooms of the house the party was in.

She started kissing me and I didn’t really stop her. Our tongues felt so good together, it got pretty hot, pretty fast. Passionate kissing and then her hand wandered up under my skirt and she started toying with my pussy lips through my panties, which were quickly becoming damp. My clit was stiff and she pushed her hand into my panties and started to massage it and drive me crazy, then she asked me if I’d ever been eaten out by another girl and I said no, then she asked if I’d like to try it. I have to say, I was curious to see if there was a difference between a woman going down on you and a guy.

I said I’d like to try it and she knelt down on the floor in front of me and pulled my panties down and my skirt up and her face was just buried between my thighs and boy, did she know what she was doing! I had my knees over her shoulders and my hand on the back of her head and was bucking my hips upwards getting her face all wet. She sucked and licked my clit until I thought I’d go wild and when I came, I was biting my lip so the others wouldn’t waken and hear me it was so intense. She let me rest about 5 minutes before she resumed licking and gave me another fantastic orgasm. She licked better than any of the guys I’d been with, I can tell you that.