Cheating Wife Phone Sex

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Cheating wives are naughty little minxes with high sex drives that simply cannot get enough from hubby. Lots of you like to imagine yours is a cheating wife, don’t you…As soon as your car pulls away for the office, she’s texting her lover, your neighbor, to come over and fuck her brains out. She thinks she and he have got the wool pulled over your eyes but good, and they likely do. You go on about your day, earning a living and being a fairly decent husband, but back at home, she’s barely getting them out the back door as you pull in. Did you notice the last time you went down on her pussy she tasted a little…off? You know why, don’t you? Of course you do, it’s because she was still dripping with the cum of another man, and it wasn’t yours.

Cheating wife phone sex can be good and entertaining, did she get pregnant recently? Are you sure it’s really your child she’s carrying? Does she really even know who’s it is? There’s a good chance not, and won’t you be made the fool of if you have to raise some baby and pay for it and it isn’t even yours. That’s what cheating wives do, they run around and fool their husbands into thinking all the kids are really his, and playing around at every chance they get and it’s all good fun for them and the men they are fucking around with behind your back.

You’ve had a cheating wife or likely are wondering if yours already is behind your back and you’re just not quite sure yet, you wouldn’t be calling for cheating wife phone sex unless you had your suspicions, we know that. Maybe your cock is a little small, or maybe you’ve been having erectile dysfunction issues and that’s why she’s had to look elsewhere. No matter the cause, she’s doing it behind your back, you poor, clueless bastard, get with the program and give us a call today and we can talk all about your unfaithful wife and what she’s getting up to behind your back.