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The popularity of trannies and shemales has been on the rise for years. People are becoming more open about sexuality in general as to what is and what is not acceptable. Sexuality is also becoming more accepted as more fluid, it can change and slide and what you weren’t interested in today, you very well may be open to tomorrow. The idea of men transforming into women and women into men and living their lives openly is a fairly modern twist of events. Lots of men are curious about a shemale, a chick with a dick, a slut with nuts, a girl with a surprise. They are much more open to experimenting with another penis when it looks like it’s on a woman rather than a guy, like themselves. Phone sex with one might be the best first step before actually approaching a shemale in person.

The number of phone sex callers that want to suck a cock or that have in the past is truly astounding, people would not believe how extremely common it is and that lots of men are watching shemale porn on the sly, it’s one of the fastest growing areas in porn. Some gravitate towards the very slightly built types, like the Asian ladyboy’s. They can be very finely featured and petite and more woman like than shemales and trannies from other races who try though they might, will always look like a guy in drag. Some have said the hands and the feet are the giveaway and we cannot easily change those two features.

Imagine sucking down a sexy cock, most that are fantasizing about shemales want for them to be the dominant partner, they want to be the shemale’s bitch, to have them take control and surrender to the power of the shemale. Many have never been taken anally before other than perhaps by some toys or prostate massagers, so they imagine getting fucked by the dominant shemale and feeling themselves stretched open for the first time. If shemale phone sex is what you’re seeking, do call Raunchy Call tonight and have your first taste of the she devil, er, shemale…