Submissive Phone Sex

submission, domination, BDSM, name calling

Some girls love to be submissive, often the ones that are in charge in the office and considered ball busing bitches are the ones that enjoy being put in their place the most in the bedroom. The same principal that it’s the male movers and shakers that are overbearing like to be made to crawl around wearing collars and made to serve. It’s the role reversal. Men seeking submission phone sex are looking for girls they can be in control of. How willing your operator might be to submit is up to the girl. Some operators are fine being called names by guys, like cunt, slut, bitch, whore and otherwise being degraded. Most of us have been called worse and not gotten paid for it!

Some callers are not seeking a doormat to abuse, others are, and some treatment is not worth being spoken to like that, so you need to ask a girl beforehand if she’s ok with the general outline of the call you have in mind. Lots of men enjoy the idea of tying their women up and being quite dominant with them, the woman’s pleasure matters not, they are here to cum and that’s it. They consider whores and sluts to be used and nothing else, and some women are happy to fulfill that role. Submission phone sex is a specialty to some, they pride themselves on being able to be used by men, that it’s an honor to drink your cum, and beg to be allowed to cum, if we are even allowed to at all, Sir.

Do you seek to treat us like you wouldn’t dare treat your wife or girlfriend? You know they’d slap you upside the head if you tried. Well we understand the need some men have to control, and we are happy to submit to you, within our own personal comfort zone boundaries of course. So if having a submissive woman gets you hard like nothing else, perhaps we might be of service to you and your cock.