Celebrity Roleplay Phone Sex

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Celebrities play a big role in many callers¬†phone sex¬†roleplay fantasies. It’s often amusing how an obscure celebrity, often from some movie decades ago will capture them in some way. A particular movie scene that they cannot stop thinking about, that they return to again and again for their go to masturbation scene. Watching it over and over. I’ve heard about guys naming their Fleshlight toys after celebrities, to watching scenes from all kinds of movies you wouldn’t even find arousing, but there’s something about them that strikes the guy. One had a scene from “Ghostbusters” if you can believe it he was quite obsessed with. Another was very obsessed with a movie made before he was even born and the actress in it.

Popular singers, actresses, even pretty newscaster ladies, are playing a very big part in many guys sexual fantasies. Do you enjoy celebrity roleplay phone sex ? Do you get harder than hard while watching them in their music videos or watching their movies? Imagining you pounding their pussies and giving them every drop of your cum. Roleplay is a big part of many guys sexuality, even when they are fucking their wives or girlfriends, they might be imagining it’s a celebrity they are fucking. Not many are as good looking as celebrities, so its kind of understandable. There are even some escort services that have celebrity look-alikes in their employ, since the average guy isn’t really going to be able to bed a genuine celebrity.

Not all guys looking for roleplay phone sex are seeking pop singers or movie stars in their fantasies, but many are, some have an amazing array of celebrities in their fantasies, I can think of several callers that like to talk about lots of different ones and it adds a lot to their masturbation and fantasies. One thing I’ve learned is no matter how obscure the celebrity, someone out there is lusting after them.