Cock And Ball Torture Phone Sex

CBT, cock and ball torture, pain, suffering

Most people wouldn’t be wanting to inflict pain on their most sensitive parts, but cock and ball torture phone sex callers are looking to do just that. They want to be in pain to cum. I find it highly amusing and have encouraged them to use everything from Tobasco sauce to icy hot muscle gel down their cocks, usually applied with Q Tips dipped in the substance and inserted down their cocks. Mascara wands also work quite well. One client told me for three days it burned when he went pee after inserting an icy hot muscle gel coated Q Tip down his penis and twirling it around. I laughed at the insanity of him doing it.

Others like to hit themselves, usually with a shoe or a water soaked wooden spoon, smacking themselves time after time, like they are playing the bongo drums on their cock and balls. Dripping melting candle wax is also a good way to inflict some much needed pain. Some have called up while wearing male chastity devices and they had spikes on the inside, so as they got harder and more aroused, the spikes would dig into their cocks and shred them up. Regardless of the pain, they soldier on with the spikes digging into them.

One I used to talk to would wrap up to a dozen rubber bands around his cock until he made himself purple and ejaculated blood. He claimed his forays into cock and ball torture phone sex had rendered him infertile, which likely was for the best. He shouldn’t pass on that lunacy to anyone else, so it’s best he couldn’t reproduce. Some will hit themselves so hard you can clearly hear it over the other end of the phone as they repeatedly whack their cock and balls with their shoe or boots, howling in their self inflicted pain they have brought onto themselves.