Homo Phone Sex

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Callers looking for homo phone sex usually ironically call female operators rather than male ones. Many are seeking some sort of acceptance. So many callers have sucked cock in the past or are fantasizing about it, it’s incredible how many, likely a third or more. Many are seeking female acceptance of their homo ways, and talking to a female is a substitute for many of them that want you to be everything from their mother to their wife that may have rejected them once they found out about their desires for other men.

So many times people I’ve mentioned this to ask why aren’t they calling other men if it’s men they are attracted to? They just aren’t in most cases, that’s not to say they never do when calling for homo phone sex, but most want the comforting voice and disposition of a woman to confess these things to. One of the things guys love to talk about that into this is they will share stories about their first same sex encounter, or their trip to the glory hole, they cannot share things like this with people in their real life for fear of being rejected, judged, or divorced, so they tell phone sex girls about these desires for cock and other men.

Ones will share tales of posting ads on online classifieds sites to meet men for random sexual encounters, and yet most of them do not consider themselves gay or even bi even though they are doing these things and keeping them secret from those in their lives. Some have outright fallen in love with other men and do not wish to break up their families for the sake of being with this other man they have fallen in love with, there’s all kinds of same sex drama going on around you that you have no clue of, and these men call girls to share these heavy burdens with and sometimes seek advice as to what steps to take.