Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

GFE, girlfriend experience, girlfriend, love, connection

What is GFE phone sex? That stands for girlfriend experience. As in, a girlfriend like phone sex call where you have a more intimate type of conversation and it can even get lovey dovey and maybe impregnation types of calls, or some guys like to say “I love you,” and have you say it back to them. Not all girls are comfortable with those types of intimate calls, so you need to check before with the operator of your choice if they are ok with that if that is your type of call you are seeking.

Personally they are one of my favorite types of phone sex calls and I don’t mind at all saying I love you if a caller requests it. Some like to chat about their day and let us know the sorts of things they’d tell a real girlfriend, to some we are their virtual girlfriends. Many guys are married of course, but wifey closed up shop long ago and we are the only female affection that they have in their lives. You can get to feel very intimate with these types of callers. Some men think there’s a possibility of even meeting the operator that does these types of calls, others understand it’s just a fantasy that ends when the call does.

These types of callers are looking for a more personalized treatment during their phone sex calls and don’t just want some generic blow job description, they are seeking a true connection, and it’s true, we sometimes have clients for many years that we do indeed fee a closeness and trust with, how much of that occurs is of course up to the individual operator conducting the call. There are indeed some lonely men out there just seeking a comforting female voice to speak soothingly to them, and that’s what we are here for, so let us provide theĀ girlfriend experience phone sex you crave tonight for the orgasm of your life!