Listening In To Phone Sex Can Be Fun

eavesdropping, masturbation, phone sex

A few weeks ago I had to spend a week with some relatives and they were so out in the sticks I didn’t even have cell phone reception. They had a landline that I had to use, I felt so deprived of normal means of communication with this corded landline! These cousins of my mom are nice people, but not with it as far as technology goes, they don’t even have internet. One night before bed, at least there was phones in the bedrooms, I was going to call my mom to say goodnight and I picked up the phone and there was people talking on it.

Then I remembered a few days ago when I arrived my cousin briefly mentioning the phone was a party line. Christ, I didn’t even think such things were around anymore, but she said they didn’t use the phone much, so no need for a full time use phone. I was about to hang up when I heard the people on the party line were having phone sex. I couldn’t help but place my hand over the receiver and listen in. They were breathing pretty hard and talking very dirty. The man had such sexy sounds and I was starting to get turned on by what they were saying. I knew I’d have to be dead quiet, but I started masturbating with them.

He was guiding her masturbation and I started to do as he was telling her to do at the same time and it was fucking hot! He knew exactly what to tell us to do to drive us insane. I wondered how he’d have felt if he’d known he was getting two women off instead of one? I’ll never know. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I came at the same time as the lady did. It was one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had listening in and joining in their phone sex. I wondered after they hung up and I did too how wise it was to engage in that on a party line, since if I’d heard them, others might have as well. Maybe that was part of the thrill…