Voyeur Phone Sex

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Most men given the chance will be a voyeur. Watching people unaware and likely masturbating as you do is as old as time. Someone might call you a peeping Tom, and we all know what that means. If a guy is seeking some voyeur phone sex, it might mean a few different things. Men have called countless times and confessed to watching some woman or couple masturbating or having sex and wanted to talk about it. They can’t tell anyone in their real life they are spying on people, they’d be alarmed and might call the police. Phone sex girls however often hear all sorts of salacious details and secrets men have they do not share with anyone else.

Have you been watching your neighbor through your window and she has no idea? Sounds like you’re a voyeur. Upskirting is another popular activity of the voyeur. Malls are popular for men to try and catch glimpses of women in compromising positions and take pics of them with their camera photos and often upload them to upskirting websites to share with the other peeping Tom’s online. So many guys love to describe scenarios like this they have been doing, escalators and stairs are easy for the upskirters to catch pics at. Some have told tales of years ago where they maybe had an aunt or a house guest staying over and would spy on them as they came out of the shower or even had a small hole drilled in the wall so they could spy on them.

Are you seeking to confess your naughty boy deeds? Do you think voyeur phone sex might be the virtual confessional you’ve been looking for? Lots of guys are spying on women and of course cannot tell others. Most young boys have spied on their mothers and it is often the root cause of many fetishes that stay with them the rest of their lives.