Fuck My Tits

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One of the clients who called up last night for phone sex was interested in how big my breasts were, I told him they were a D cup and he loved that, I said why, are they better than smaller ones? He said yes, much better to fuck and lay his cock between than smaller ones, it turned him on and he asked how big my nipples were and the color of the areolas. He wanted all the details. Then he asked if I’d ever lactated, he was into breast milk fetish.

I said yes, I’d had a child years ago and had breastfed and how much my husband enjoyed it, since he too drank from my breasts and nursed on them so lovingly and played with them and made the milk squirt out. He liked to titty fuck when my tits were full of milk and when I’d squeeze them to make them wrap around his cock the milk would go all over my hands and fingers and his cock as it leaked out, he loved that. I always thought it a bit messy, but it turned him on a great deal and he was always asking me to let my breasts fill up for a few hours before fucking.

I recall when I was nursing a bit of an embarrassing incident at a store. I was really full with milk and needed to pump some out and I started to leak and my top had wet spots and a teenage boy couldn’t stop staring at my chest and I could see him getting hard in front of me, he was obviously quite aroused at the thought of me dripping milk. No doubt he was dripping pre cum at the thought of it! I bet he’d have loved to have fucked me right there in the store and latch onto one of my breasts and suckled.