Let Me Be Your Online Girlfriend

Girlfriend experience phone sex is likely my favorite type of call for a guy to call up for. Not all guys are into it, but some enjoy it and it can be very nice. One caller didn’t even really like to get into graphic sex, he just enjoyed talking and used to spin these wonderful fantasies about how he was in love with me and wanted to take me on these European vacations and show me the world.

He was quite invested in the fantasy and would swear he was in love with me and wanted to make it a reality, marry me and sweep me off my feet and take care of me forever and make sweet love to me every day and me be his queen. He’d talk about all the different countries we’d go to, Egypt, France, all over and I’d be his lady love that he’d protect. It’s amazing how wrapped up in the details a man could get over some things you’d think would be more of a woman’s domain, yet he had lots of ideas about how things would go between us. From me being the stay at home wife that tended to his needs, to him being the loving husband for me.

He worked from home as an architect and would have a lot of free time to spend lavishing affection upon me at all hours. Girlfriend experience type callers can have a deep loneliness inside of them they need to fulfill and an online girlfriend can help them, even if only for the length of the call feel needed, loved, desired and appreciated and that’s an important thing to feel. Many people don’t feel needed by anyone, as if no one would miss them if they disappeared tomorrow, so to be the center of your world can mean a great deal to some of these girlfriend experience phone sex callers.