Gang-Bang Phonesex with Cindy

Gang-Bang PhonesexGang-Bang Phonesex with Cindy

I was walking down the street the other day and a car full of guys was whistling at me. I looked at them and waved, they pulled over and we started talking. They asked me if I needed a ride and I only had a couple of blocks to walk so I decided to get into the car and we decided to go for a ride. It was me and 3 other men in the car and they were sexy as fuck by the way. They started flirting with me and it was turning me on big time. 

The guy in the backseat started kissing me and rubbing my tits as the other guys watched and before I knew it he was taking my panties off fingering my pussy. I was moaning and I pulled his cock out and started sucking his cock. The passenger climbed in the backseat and joined in on the fun. The driver went to a pull off and we all got out of the car and I was getting fucked in my ass, pussy and mouth switching cocks and holes till they all came in me and in my mouth.

We got done they took me home and I was filled with so much cum it was dripping out of me. I was still so fucking horny I called one of my friends up and told him to come over. He came over and I told him what happen and we both got fucking horny just talking about the gang-bang I just had and before we knew it he was eating my cum filled pussy and fucking me feeling all that cum inside me and he added more cum to it. I can’t wait till I run into these guys again and have some more fun. Ready for some No Taboo phonesex with me? Call 844.728.6249 and ask for Cindy

General Conversation

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When most people think of phone sex lines, they aren’t thinking that anyone calls for reasons other than to masturbate, but there are people that do call just for general conversation. Some men really have no one to talk to, they may never have married, they don’t have a girlfriend, they may not have a family, or they have passed away or they are estranged from them. They may be shy and without friends. There’s many men that call to talk about everything from politics to movies and pop culture things like music and movies. This isn’t why most men call of course, but there are some that do and are just lacking in basic companionship and are just needing a good conversation.

I’ve had men do everything from sing me songs, to read me poetry they’ve written to play their guitar and discuss everything from reincarnation and the afterlife, to talk them down from hurting themselves. General conversation can be a wonderful thing, it’s a nice change of pace from the regular sorts of calls we do on a phone sex line. Not all girls are interested in a “just talking” type of call, some want to get you drained and on your way, others really enjoy a good talk and I honestly wished I got more of these calls.

Not everyone makes friends easily or they might be a loner type, and yet they enjoy a good verbal exchange once in a while and they are often at a loss as to where to turn to get that. People hanging out in bars are likely not there to have a good conversation, they looking to get picked up, people aren’t as friendly and open as they used to be, so some men turn to a paid line even just for a talk and that is totally fine. So if you’ve been starved for a good general conversation, then I do hope you will consider one of our girls today.