Are You A Cuckold?

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I can’t even count the number of guys that call up for some cuckold phone sex. They are rubbing their usually small little dicks while telling me about their wives being out with another man on a date. Usually a much better hung man than they are. One with a real man sized cock that’s just aching to shoot its load into her deprived pussy. And why is her pussy deprived you ask? Well when your hubby only has a two inch cock, how could you be anything else but deprived?

They usually are premature ejaculators as well. So they are used to cumming in one to two minutes or less even. I had one of these losers on the phone the other night and he said usually in under ten seconds. I couldn’t believe such a loser was actually admitting his shortcomings. He just gets so over excited as soon as he puts it inside the woman, bam, he blows his load. Gee, how satisfying for the woman. I wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior for anything. No wonder his wife is out screwing other men, I would have left him from the get go, but I sure understand why she’s stepping out on him. She sounds like a masochist to even stay with such a pitiful bastard. I hope for her sake he at least makes a decent living so she can spend his money on nice clothes for her dates with other guys.

He knows she steps out on him and he’s even cleaned up her pussy when she comes back home with another man’s cum dripping out of her. He said last weekend for the first time she took him to a glory hole and told him to suck cock. He was very reluctant, but she told him to do it, so he did. He said he can’t stop thinking about it and he’s made plans to go back and suck more. It’s the beginning of his cuckold training. I think he’ll be a quick study.

Keeping Together While Away On Business

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This new boyfriend of mine, he’s really sexy and we like to fuck a lot. Sadly around a month in to our relationship, he had to go away for three weeks on a business trip and I was not looking forward to being not fucked for this length of time, and he suggested we make do with having phone sex every night until he got back, I thought this was a fantastic idea and we then started comparing our experiences with phone sex in the past and how many people we’d done it with, how we found them etc.

One of the stories he told me was how when he was in college he’d called a phone sex line a few times and had some pretty hot times with a few of the ladies on there and how he wished he’d have been able to call nightly since it turned him on so being able to masturbate for these women and have them listen to him cum and stroke his cock for them. He called the first night he was there and we’d both had a couple of drinks and were feeling horny and started touching ourselves and I was rubbing my clit and getting so fucking wet as I listened to him masturbating. I told him how badly I wanted to suck his cock and play with his balls as he licked my saved cunt and we did a nice 69 together. I loved how he sucked on my clit and slid his tongue into my pussy, he was an expert at it.

I came so many times that night as he talked me through my orgasms and said he was as hard as a rock for me. I knew when he got home I was going to fuck his brains out like he hadn’t been fucked in a long time. We continued on like this nightly, having wonderful phone sex and getting off several times each and even watching each other on cam a few times to really spice things up. It’s really helped make the time apart much more acceptable knowing we could still cum together nightly.

Phone Sex With A MILF

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I’m one sexy MILF, and I can’t get enough young cock! I’d had phone sex many times in my life, usually with guys my own age, but I know age doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual compatibility. I have a teenage son, and some of his friends are fucking hot. He’s just started college and thank goodness chose to go to a community college so I can still see his friends that come around often. My son had just stepped out for a few hours to go help a friend of his with some car repair thing, when another one of his friends called and was looking for him. He’d forgotten his phone I guess, so his friend was calling the house phone to see if he was there.

This was my favorite one of all of his friends that was on the phone and I think he knew I liked him a bit anyway. He’d flirted with me before. He asked me what I was doing and I said just reorganizing the closet in my bedroom. He told me to go sit down on the bed. I knew it was a bit inappropriate, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing as he told me. I sat down. He told me to take off my clothes, which I did. Then I was told to lay back and open my pussy lips. I couldn’t believe I was going to have phone sex with my son’s friend in the middle of the day like this. I didn’t say no to one thing he asked of me. I was so turned on as this eighteen year old boy was telling me how to touch my pussy and how fast and how slow to rub it.

I could hear him masturbating too, he was just as turned on as I was. I could hear him rubbing his cock and stroking it hard. I was nearly at the brink of my orgasm when he told me to stop. I calmed down and was then instructed to rub it fast and hard and cum when he told me to. I came harder than I’d cum in years with this hot, sexy, teenaged boy on the phone. I certainly won’t let my son know about this, but I want to play with that young boy again, I can see this moving beyond phone sex with him.

Another Woman Knows Best

Let me tell you about the first time I ever licked another girls pussy. I can’t say it was one of my prouder moments, but you know what, stuff happens. I was at this party right after I started college and to be honest, I was horny, hadn’t gotten laid in months and this girl that was also horny came onto me. She and I were on this sofa in this empty room, most of the guests had either left or passed out or wandered off to the bedrooms of the house the party was in.

She started kissing me and I didn’t really stop her. Our tongues felt so good together, it got pretty hot, pretty fast. Passionate kissing and then her hand wandered up under my skirt and she started toying with my pussy lips through my panties, which were quickly becoming damp. My clit was stiff and she pushed her hand into my panties and started to massage it and drive me crazy, then she asked me if I’d ever been eaten out by another girl and I said no, then she asked if I’d like to try it. I have to say, I was curious to see if there was a difference between a woman going down on you and a guy.

I said I’d like to try it and she knelt down on the floor in front of me and pulled my panties down and my skirt up and her face was just buried between my thighs and boy, did she know what she was doing! I had my knees over her shoulders and my hand on the back of her head and was bucking my hips upwards getting her face all wet. She sucked and licked my clit until I thought I’d go wild and when I came, I was biting my lip so the others wouldn’t waken and hear me it was so intense. She let me rest about 5 minutes before she resumed licking and gave me another fantastic orgasm. She licked better than any of the guys I’d been with, I can tell you that.

Naughty Neighbor Shows Off Masturbating

This man across the street, I’m beginning to think he’s an exhibitionist. He seems to always be walking in front of his windows naked and spending lots of time in front of them when I happen to be glancing out the windows. I don’t know if he’s trying to show off to me in particular, or just anyone that happens to glance in or what. I have even seen him masturbating in front of them sitting in a chair in his living room. I am certain this is no accident.

I saw him leisurely laying back on his couch in front of an open picture window, curtains totally opened up and he was on the phone rubbing one out. I’m convinced he was having phone sex with whoever was on the other end of the phone. His floor is at street level, anyone could have walked by on the sidewalk and glanced in. I was across the street and saw. I had binoculars and I looked at him and could see even more close up. I think he knew I was watching, but he didn’t glance up and over at me or anything. I had my blinds drawn and was just poking the ends of the binoculars through and watched him jerk off. He’s not a bad looking guy, truth be told.

The next day I was out in the front yard and he came over to say hello as he’d been mowing his lawn. He asked if I’d seen anything interesting lately and I blushed as he said it and it was in that moment I had a feeling he was letting me know he’d been aware of me watching him masturbating as he was having phone sex. I made some comment about drawing your curtains and walked back inside as he laughed and walked back across the street.