Degrading Racial Humiliation Phone Sex

Some callers to phone sex lines are looking for racial humiliation. It’s a bit confusing as to why someone would call up to be called names and made fun of, but lots of guys call up for small penis humiliation as well, and that’s plenty popular, and a guy can no more change his dick size than his race, so obviously some really like to talk about being second class and second choice.

It’s not always blacks that call up for this topic as you might think, there’s actually a good cross section of other races that call into phone sex lines to be humiliated, from Asians, to Indians, to Hispanics, to self hating Jews. Once in a while you even get a Caucasian that calls in and just wants to talk about how much they hate other races, it’s an odd mixed bag you get. Other times blacks will call in just to talk about how much they want to fuck a racist white bitch just to give it to her and show her that big, black cock that she’s been missing and make her change her tune.

It’s not for everyone certainly, but it is a popular fetish among some that call into phone sex lines and like to have an unusual conversation as they are masturbating. Lots of men crave humiliation, and ones that call come from all kinds of different socio economic backgrounds, not just some weird, low class pervert that likes it, all kinds, from doctors to lawyers, to professional athletes that make a lot of money and have a lot fans that would no doubt be shocked the sports hero they look up to is into something like this. It takes all kinds of things to get different people off. Racial humiliation is just one of them.

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phonesex with mommy Cindy

                                                                             Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phonesex with mommy Cindy. I love taking good care of my babies, I will punish you when you are bad and award you when you are good. I will give you a nice bath as I wash you and wash your little weewee you get hard for mommy as the washcloth rubs against your little weewee.  I get you out of the tub and try you off then walk you into the nursery. I have you lay on the bed as I have the diaper, lotion, powder and your onesie ready. I lotion you up from top to bottom, then I lay you back and slide the diaper underneath you and as I slide the diaper between your legs I powder your butt. I then put the onesie on you and fasten it between your legs. I then brush your hair with the baby brush and clip on the pacifier to your onesie. I then walk you to the rocking chair as mommy sits down you climb up into my lap as I read you a bedtime story I have you nurse on my boob to get some milk.  I rub the side of your face as you nurse and mommy read to you. We cuddle oh so tight while your laying in my lap. Mommy loves her adult diaper babies. I see your diaper move a little knowing your little weewee is getting hard for mommy. Mommy slides her hand down your diaper and slowly rubs your weewee till you get really hard. You tell mommy if feels so good and it feels like something wants to come out of your weewee and I tell you, baby, let it come out into your diaper that’s mommy’s good boy.  You tell me it came at all in your diaper and I tell you  I will put a clean diaper on you then its bed time. Mommy changes you and tucks you into the baby bed, night my sweet baby sweet dreams mommy loves you. Want to have fun with mommy also mommy loves adult baby diaper lover phonesex. Call mommy now.                                               


Listening In To Phone Sex Can Be Fun

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A few weeks ago I had to spend a week with some relatives and they were so out in the sticks I didn’t even have cell phone reception. They had a landline that I had to use, I felt so deprived of normal means of communication with this corded landline! These cousins of my mom are nice people, but not with it as far as technology goes, they don’t even have internet. One night before bed, at least there was phones in the bedrooms, I was going to call my mom to say goodnight and I picked up the phone and there was people talking on it.

Then I remembered a few days ago when I arrived my cousin briefly mentioning the phone was a party line. Christ, I didn’t even think such things were around anymore, but she said they didn’t use the phone much, so no need for a full time use phone. I was about to hang up when I heard the people on the party line were having phone sex. I couldn’t help but place my hand over the receiver and listen in. They were breathing pretty hard and talking very dirty. The man had such sexy sounds and I was starting to get turned on by what they were saying. I knew I’d have to be dead quiet, but I started masturbating with them.

He was guiding her masturbation and I started to do as he was telling her to do at the same time and it was fucking hot! He knew exactly what to tell us to do to drive us insane. I wondered how he’d have felt if he’d known he was getting two women off instead of one? I’ll never know. I bit my lip to keep from crying out as I came at the same time as the lady did. It was one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had listening in and joining in their phone sex. I wondered after they hung up and I did too how wise it was to engage in that on a party line, since if I’d heard them, others might have as well. Maybe that was part of the thrill…

Naughty Mommy Phonesex

 Naughty Mommy Phonesex is what my boys need mommy on her knees ass up in the air.   Come up behind mommy and grab my hips and ram your fucking cock deep inside me. Make mommy take it deep and hard and I mean balls deep inside mommy. Mommy wants you deep inside me and plant your hot load of cum deep inside and see what happens in a few months. * hint *  Mommy loves anything goes phonesex so if you have a dirty mind and want to get kinky with mommy and have some steamy hot phonesex then don’t keep mommy’s wet pussy waiting. Why don’t you get your cock ready for mommy again, let mommy suck your cock hard again so you can fuck my ass!  I want your throbbing cock in my ass balls deep. Pound me like you never will get pussy again. I want you to cum multiple times like you will make me cum multiple times. I want you to go from my pussy to my ass over and over till I have all your cum dripping out of me. I wanna feel your cum dripping out of my holes, down the inside of my thighs onto my sheets. I want yours and my cum all over my sheets. Mommy loves it dirty and hard and very fucking nasty. Can you be nasty with mommy? Can you handle mommy? Can you keep up with mommy? Can you make mommy cum over and over till my holes can’t take any more? Well, why don’t you let me be the judge of that sweetie! Give mommy a try and I will tell you just how wonderful you are or if you need more practice to satisfy mommy.  My pussy is soaked right now just thinking about you fucking me and giving me your cum and making mommy cum over and over. Mommy is waiting for you, sweetie.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

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My boyfriend and I have been really craving to try a threesome. This good client of min that calls up weekly for his dose of taboo phone sex had a threesome last week he was telling me all about, which I in turn told my boyfriend about and that was it, he said we have to do this, so he started looking for a third person we could play with and he found one. Maybe not the best or most wise choice, but we really wanted someone and he asked this intern at his work. I doubt his boss would be happy about it, but he said she was really pretty and seemed a bit wild and she jumped right on it.

He brought her home and we had a few drinks to loosen up and it started from there. I’d been curious to taste pussy and I wanted this young girl as soon as I saw her, I slid my hand up her skirt and found her already wet. She was only twenty two and seemed eager to please us both. I rubbed her clit and it was already stiff and she was soon bucking against my hand and driving herself wild against my fingers and wanting my mouth on her. I didn’t disappoint her. I got down on my knees on the floor in front of her and was soon buried between her thighs and all of a sudden felt my boyfriends mouth on me at the same time as I was licking her.

It was very sexy and my boyfriend licks me pussy so well, I was dripping in no time and greatly enjoying my first taste of pussy too. Eating and being eaten was a real double treat to be sure. She soon came on my face as I flicked her clit back and forth quickly with fast strokes and I on my boyfriends tongue, and then he fucked us both, one after the other and this fuckfest went on throughout the night. I think he will be asking her back as there is much left to explore with this pretty young intern. I sure hope his boss doesn’t find out.