Phone Sex Jobs for U.S. operators.

Are you looking to get more calls and expand your client base? Are you looking for high pay and a fair minded and experienced owner to work with? Do you enjoy talking with men in an erotic and sensual manner? Do you enjoy working from home and coming and going as you please with no set schedule to keep?

Then fill out our application and see if we might be a match. We believe operators do their best when they have the most freedom, not tied down to schedules and have people breathing down your neck constantly, stressing you out and making you physically sick and dreading to log in. No hellish chat rooms with freebie seeking wankers here! You can choose to talk about what you are comfortable with, we will never ask you to take calls you are not comfortable with or speak to anyone that you do not wish to.

There are no shifts, but we do ask to only have girls apply that can sign on 40 hrs + per week, and that have direct dial, promoting and blogging experience. When you choose to log on is up to you. You must submit 1 blog per week, it will be posted for you, you do not need to do that yourself. You would also need to vote once minimum per day on Phone Sex Central and email me the vote code. I know many of you would also be with other services that require you to vote, so I will only ask for once a day, more would be good, but once isn’t too much to ask.

We are a direct dial service. The client will call you, you take down their information, process their credit card, then commence the call. You will be given a log in to the toll free number control panel to control your availability when you want your line turned on or off.

Pay is $1.25 USD per minute and sent bi weekly if $50 USD or more is earned, if under $50, it will roll over until next pay period. Pay is via Payza. The site was approved by them, and you will need to make a Payza account to be paid. The site works just like PayPal but is adult friendly. Call logs must be emailed in on Sunday nights for the previous 2 weeks calls. This is a Canadian based company, we take operators from the US only. Even though I am a Canadian owner, due to tax reasons, it’s easiest for me to only accept US operators.

I fully encourage operators to post a short, 45 seconds or less, voice greeting on their page for clients to hear your voice sample. You’d email me the file and I’d upload it to your page.

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